Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hi everyone and Happy Sunday!

Sorry that I haven't been around much, but my Mom has been kind of busy with work and all to help me write a blog.  But to my surprise today she decided to take a break and tell you all about my bath day.  I wanted another subject like "See Blu chase Chris for a treat", but I lost.  :-)  She thought it would be fun for everyone to see pictures of me wet and soapy.  Mom might have thought it was fun, but nope not me, I no like getting a bath.  Anyways, we all survived and the best part was the humans got as wet as I did.  Payback is sooo sweet!!!  :-)  I hope you enjoy the photo story.

In September, after a long hot summer, Mom finally had some time off from work, Chris was home, it was a Blue moon weekend, so Mom said it was time to give me a bath!!  Chris said he would help, and I had no vote in the manner.  Not fair.   They even went out and bought me a bath tub to put in the bath tub and a sprayer.

Come to find out it is actually the largest cat litter box Mom could find.  Them humans have no respect!!!

So, they joyfully filled up my bathtub with nice soapy water and put me in there against my will of course.

                                                If this is a bath, where is the rubber ducky?

Not only did I not have a toy to play with, but the kitty cat Tux was in the bathroom also watching the whole show.  I could tell that he was really enjoying watching the humans give me a bath.  I really think he was laughing.  But, here comes the fun part.  What was he laughing at?  Me or the fact that the humans forgot that a cat litter box has no plug, so there was no way for them to drain out the soapy water and rinse off the soapy me.  HAHA humans think they are so smart.  Whoo Hooo!!!    Now it is my time to laugh!!!
Mom has to get into the tub and hold me while Chris rinses me and Mom off.  Now Chris is smiling with glee, Tux is laughing and me mom is well what can I say going to get wet!!  I actually enjoyed this part of the bath.  :-)

                                                                    Mom and me wet!!!!

Okay,  enough is enough can you please dry me off so that I can go get the treats you humans promised me after this bath.

 Finally dried off and of course they had to brush me. Treat time.
                                                A very clean and groomed Blu on Wheels. 

                                    Nine months after having my back surgery my fur is all grown back.

Well, that's my fun story of  bath day, and I hope you enjoyed it.  Mom is again talking about giving me another bath before winter sets in. But, at least she said this time it will be me and Freckles getting a bath.   So, Freckles and I are already plotting out how we can get the humans really wet and also Tux the cat.   :-)

I also wanted to give you all an update on how my sister Freckles is doing.  As you may or may not know, Freckles ruptured a disk in the lower part of her back in September.  The rupture was luckily in a disk lower than the one that ruptured on me and fortunately she showed no signs of  not being able to walk. But, she was in a lot of pain.  After having an MRI done, our vet said he didn't want to operate.  He felt "doggy bed rest:"  and medication was the first thing to do to see if she recovered.  Otherwise, he would have to operate.  The good news is she RECOVERED without surgery.  Whoo Hooo, I am so happy she is okay again.  Freckles is happy also.  The humans are still making sure that she is taking it easy and all.  

                                                                 Freckles taking it easy

Oh, one more thing before I go.  I want to introduce you to the latest member of the Dudley Zoo.....

Meet Sunny, a 4 month old Parrolet.  Chris is trying to get him to go on his finger, but Sunny likes to bite his finger instead.  Us pups are enjoying the show.

I hope you enjoyed my bath adventure!  Have a great Sunday and Columbus Day weekend.

Love, Blu



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