Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blu on Wheels For Real

Happy Sunday Everybody!!!!  I have good news to report, I finally got my wheels!
Whooo Hoooo does it feel good again to be able to get around.  Of course, I still have to get used to not bumping into things.  Or mom has to rearrange the house so I have no objects in my way.  LOL  I don't think that will happen. The humans are still getting used to putting me in the cart, and my step brother and sisters are also trying to get used to it.  HEHE if I want to I can go faster than the other dogs. In time we all will get used to my cart.  I just love it.   Now to get a license plate for it.  I also need to get a coat so that I can go outside with it..  Oh, it is so nice to roll around again. 
The humans, Mom and Chris, and I went up yesterday to Eddie's Wheels to go get my cart.  I was soooo excited that I couldn't relax in the carrier.  When we got there Leslie brought out my cart and showed Chris how to put me in it.  Not sure where my mom was, but she got back in time to take pictures and watch me take my first steps with wheels..   Whoo Hoo it was so nice to walk again.  I haven't walked since January 9th and I didn't want to stop.  Leslie said we could go outside and I would have more room to run.  So, we did.  I was lucky that the weather was just warm enough to me to be outside without a coat.   They had a nice deck and a great ramp that I went down on.  It was great, I was almost running.  I walked around outside for a bit than we had to go back in so mom could pay and I could get some water and treats.  I didn't stop moving until they took the cart off for when we had to go home.   We thanked Leslie so much for the great cart and left for home.   I slept all the way home.  I was really tired out.   Mom put me in the cart a couple of time again for lunch and supper and I even took a nap in it.   I now feel like a dog again. 

Here are some pictures of me and my new wheels.  I hope you like them.

          The big tease, putting my new wheels on top of my carrier!!!

Leslie clipping me into my wheels.  You can't see it but I had a big smile on me face.

                      Outside on the deck...  Ok mom let me gooooo!!!!!!

       Mom was saying kiddingly, on your mark, get set, gooooooo!!!!!

After going down the ramp, mom just had to have me stop to take a picture of me in front of the sign for Eddie's Wheels for Pets.

Back inside and still rolling along.  I had a great time chasing Chris or mom. LOL

                      On the roll again, I just loved being on the roll again!!!!

                                                  You can't catch me!!! 

             Thank you mom for getting me some wheels.  I am so happy!!!
                        Thank you Eddie's Wheels for making them for me. 

Home again, and taking a break after eating lunch.  It's nice that I can lie down in me cart and rest or nap.  

Umm, this is suppose to be a video of me coming up the ramp.  I hope it works and you can see it.  I am still getting used to blogging.  Mom says we need a video camera so our voices can also be heard.  She just wants a new toy.  :-)

Well my friends that is it for today.  I have to go now but I promise to have more pictures next weekend.  Mom will be putting me in me wheels soon for lunch and also get some exercise.  We are all hoping that the wheels help me out with my recovery.  And hopefully, someday I might have more use of my legs.  But, one day at a time.  Just having the fun of walking around again is a healing feeling for me. 
Have a great week my friends.


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