Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blu On Wheels Outside Today

Whooo Hoooo!!!!  I finally went outside with me new wheels.  Me mom was working from home today and at lunch she took me outside.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  I was sooo happy to get some fresh air.  Mom kept the other pups inside so that I could be just with her.  I got to walk up the road a little bit and than around the yard.  Mom didn't want me out tooo long because it was warm and she didn't want me to get tooo tired out. She promises next time I will be out longer.

Here are some pictures from me walk today!!!!

                                           On the road again, I am so happy to be on the road again!!!

                                                                   Like me new coat 

                                         It got tooo hot for the coat.  Like that big stick next to me?

                                      Soft ground makes it hard to walk on the grass.  But, I still love it.
                                          Where are the other pups mom, I can here them barkin?
                                           I see a bug, I see a bug!!!!!!!!!!!  Off to go get it!!!!
                                                    I am so happy to be outside!!!
                  Boy am I thirsy, I want water. Time to go inside.  Don't worry me human friends, mom stopped me from going up the stairs by meself.  :-)

Well, me friends, I am so tired from being outside that it is time to take another nap.  I hope you like the pictures and when i go outside again me mom promises to take more.
Until next time I hope everybody has a great day!!!
Luv, Blu

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Tribute To Blackie

A Post From Blu's Mom
As some of you might already know on January 31, 2012 we lost a very special member of our pet family.  Her name was Blackie. Otherwise know to us as Queen Blackie, or Wacky Blackie, or our One Grand Cat.  But really she was a Queen and she held that title with grace until the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

                                                                    Queen Blackie

 Blackie was 14 1/2 years old when she suddenly feel ill and died.  I guess in a way it was God's way of not allowing a very special cat suffer for too long.  Because you see after she became ill we found out that she had cancerous tumors in her abdomen and stomach.   We never knew that she had them because she never let on that she was that sick.  We thought we would have to make the decision for when to say goodbye to Blackie, but again God in his own way did it for us.   The vets allowed us to take Blackie home, and she died peacefully in Chris' arms about an hour after she came home.  It was a fitting ending because Blackie was Chris' cat, and  they always had a special bond.  We all miss her a lot, but we have 14 years of very special memories of her that we will keep in our hearts forever.  Today as a tribute to our special Blackie I would like to share some of this memories and pictures with you all.

Blackie was born in July of 1997 to my niece's cat named Lucky.   What is amazing is that we had found a little kitten in June and named him Lucky.  Some of you might know our beloved cat Lucky from Facebook.
When we first saw Blackie, Chris fell in love with her and she came into our lives in October of 1997.
                                                       Blackie with her favorite toy.

                                                        Sitting in one of her favorite chairs
                                                   Blackie resting or watching out for the pups

                                       Yes folks she really was watching a movie!  It was Muppet Treasure Island

Her and Lucky became best buddies and you would always find them together someplace in the house.  Here are some pictures of the Blackie and Lucky together.

                                                   Lucky and Blackie when they were young.

Our Wacky Cats. 
 Oh just in case you are wondering the bird wasn't eaten just in another cage.

Blackie and Lucky always shared a window

One of the last pictures of Lucky and Blackie together before Lucky died in 2010. 
At one point in time we had 3 cats and here is a picture of three very special Dudley cats who are now at the Rainbow bridge together.

                                                 Lucky, Blackie and my precious cat Tuffy.

One of the reasons why we called her Wacky Blackie was because of the silly things she did. Here are some pictures of our silly Blackie.

                                                               Playing with her toy. 
                                                           Using a fan stand as a pillow?

                                                  Blackie loved to go into a bag.

         Blackie went into Chris' backpack, so he was going to try to take her to school that day.  Sorry Blackie, but mom had to say no because of some silly rule of no pets at school.

                                                       She loved to help me wrap gifts.

                                                        Or lay down on top of them

Blackie was my son Chris first pet, and they held a very special bond.  Chris was 7 years old when we got her and it was a joy watching them both grow up together.  Here are some pictures of  the 2 of them.

                                                         Chris loved to read to Blackie
                                                            Surfing the Internet together

                                                    Queen Blackie with a now grown up Chris

                                                                  Chris and his Blackie                                                      

There is no real easy way to end this tribute except to say, thank you Blackie for 14 special years together.  It was an honor to have you as a member of our family.    We miss you so much and we will never forget you.   Love you always.  Mom


Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Coat To Go With Me Wheels

Happy Sunday Everyone and Happy March.  The first day of Spring is only 16 days away!!!  The days are getting longer and I am getting better!!  Still no feelin in me back legs, but I am doing great in my cart.  I just love racing around the house with me brother and sisters.  Mom has even setup a cushion by her desk so that I can be near her when she is working or playing on the computer.
I am so glad that me mom got me a cart and that Eddie's Wheels did such a great job making it!!!  Here is the official picture from Eddie's Wheels on the day I got my cart:
                              It was the happiest day for me and me human family since I got hurt!!! 

The other great event that happened in February was that we pups all got coats to wear outside.  Now all I need are boots and a license and I am ready to wheel around town!!!!  Just kiddin about the license, but the boots I need to protect me feet.  I just want a license with me name on it. Me mom says she is going to get that for me soon!!!   I want to thank me special friends Addie, Lucie and Hailey for getting me my coat!!!  I love it and it looks great on me!  It was so kind of you to buy me this so that I could go outside and get more exercise and help me get better!  Thank you also to Sam for letting me know where to get me license and me boots.  Sam has been giving me and me mom lots of advice and we appreciate it a lot.  We appreciate all the support you all have been giving me.  The power of the paw will get me better, I just know it!!!

Here are some pictures of us with our new coats!!!
                                                I just love the color of me new coat!!!! 

Checking each other out in our new coats.  Front to back is Dipstick, Freckles, me and Midget.

                                                    Dipstick checking out me new coat

                                                           Midget and her new coat.

                      Freckles asking me mom when we were going outside in our new coats!!!

Well my friends that is it for today.  I hope you all have a great Sunday and week.
Next week I am going to let me mom do me Blog because of a very sad event that happen to our family the end of January.  On January 31st, our Queen of the Dudley pets, Blackie went to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very very sudden that she became ill and died.  She was 14 1/2 years old and we all miss her a lot. We are still trying to get over her passing away.
 Me mom wants to do a special tribute to her next week and I said it was okay.   But to honor her today here is a picture of Blackie.  God Bless you Blackie and I hope your are running and playing with Lucky at the Rainbow Bridge.  Love always, Blu

                                                      Blackie Dudley 1997 - 2012

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