Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blu On Wheels Outside Today

Whooo Hoooo!!!!  I finally went outside with me new wheels.  Me mom was working from home today and at lunch she took me outside.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  I was sooo happy to get some fresh air.  Mom kept the other pups inside so that I could be just with her.  I got to walk up the road a little bit and than around the yard.  Mom didn't want me out tooo long because it was warm and she didn't want me to get tooo tired out. She promises next time I will be out longer.

Here are some pictures from me walk today!!!!

                                           On the road again, I am so happy to be on the road again!!!

                                                                   Like me new coat 

                                         It got tooo hot for the coat.  Like that big stick next to me?

                                      Soft ground makes it hard to walk on the grass.  But, I still love it.
                                          Where are the other pups mom, I can here them barkin?
                                           I see a bug, I see a bug!!!!!!!!!!!  Off to go get it!!!!
                                                    I am so happy to be outside!!!
                  Boy am I thirsy, I want water. Time to go inside.  Don't worry me human friends, mom stopped me from going up the stairs by meself.  :-)

Well, me friends, I am so tired from being outside that it is time to take another nap.  I hope you like the pictures and when i go outside again me mom promises to take more.
Until next time I hope everybody has a great day!!!
Luv, Blu


ra husky said...

What lovely happy pictures mate! Enjoy your spring,

RA, Isis & Nanuk

3 doxies said...

Oh Blue, these fotos of you WALKIN' makes me so darn happies I can't stand it! And da important thing is dat you looks so happy!
And hey, your furs be growin' back so quick.
Thank you so much furs sharin' dis withs us.

PS: my mum still gets all mushy when her sees you.

The Thuglets said...

Blue how fabulous to see you outside in the nice weather with your new wheels! We are friends of Sam and he does amasing things with his wheels. We love your tartan coat.
Have lots of fun.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Lovable Lily said...

What a wonderful and awesome day for you Blu! You are doing GREAT with your new wheels. We are all so very proud of you and all that you are doing. Keep up the good work! You sure did have beautiful weather and we are thrilled that you got to spend some of the day outdoors.

Lily Belle

Sam said...

Hi Blu, it's good to see you out and about. I'm happiest when I get to go outside. Your furs will grow back eventually. I remember that I was on some pills that slowed the regrowth of my furs but once I finished those pills, my furs grew right back. You'll be able to go longer distances as you build up your stamina in the cart. We're so pleased that you're doing so well. I'm glad that our friends, The Thuglets came by to say hi too.

Blu on Wheels said...

Thank you all. Today looks like another beautiful day. I hope me mom takes me outside again today.

Lovable Lily said...

Have not seen you in a while and wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter!

We hope all is well on your end.

Lily Belle

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