Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Coat To Go With Me Wheels

Happy Sunday Everyone and Happy March.  The first day of Spring is only 16 days away!!!  The days are getting longer and I am getting better!!  Still no feelin in me back legs, but I am doing great in my cart.  I just love racing around the house with me brother and sisters.  Mom has even setup a cushion by her desk so that I can be near her when she is working or playing on the computer.
I am so glad that me mom got me a cart and that Eddie's Wheels did such a great job making it!!!  Here is the official picture from Eddie's Wheels on the day I got my cart:
                              It was the happiest day for me and me human family since I got hurt!!! 

The other great event that happened in February was that we pups all got coats to wear outside.  Now all I need are boots and a license and I am ready to wheel around town!!!!  Just kiddin about the license, but the boots I need to protect me feet.  I just want a license with me name on it. Me mom says she is going to get that for me soon!!!   I want to thank me special friends Addie, Lucie and Hailey for getting me my coat!!!  I love it and it looks great on me!  It was so kind of you to buy me this so that I could go outside and get more exercise and help me get better!  Thank you also to Sam for letting me know where to get me license and me boots.  Sam has been giving me and me mom lots of advice and we appreciate it a lot.  We appreciate all the support you all have been giving me.  The power of the paw will get me better, I just know it!!!

Here are some pictures of us with our new coats!!!
                                                I just love the color of me new coat!!!! 

Checking each other out in our new coats.  Front to back is Dipstick, Freckles, me and Midget.

                                                    Dipstick checking out me new coat

                                                           Midget and her new coat.

                      Freckles asking me mom when we were going outside in our new coats!!!

Well my friends that is it for today.  I hope you all have a great Sunday and week.
Next week I am going to let me mom do me Blog because of a very sad event that happen to our family the end of January.  On January 31st, our Queen of the Dudley pets, Blackie went to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very very sudden that she became ill and died.  She was 14 1/2 years old and we all miss her a lot. We are still trying to get over her passing away.
 Me mom wants to do a special tribute to her next week and I said it was okay.   But to honor her today here is a picture of Blackie.  God Bless you Blackie and I hope your are running and playing with Lucky at the Rainbow Bridge.  Love always, Blu

                                                      Blackie Dudley 1997 - 2012


Topcat said...

Hi Blu, everyone looks so stylish and beautiful in their coats. Your friends are very considerate and generous. We're happy to learn that you're zooming around the house with your brother and sisters. Mobility is one of the greatest things in life isn't it Blu? Your peoples obviously love and care about you. It's good to have good people who love you. Thanks to Eddie's Wheels for making another little boy's dreams a reality. We're glad that we were able to provide some advice. We've still got our paws crossed for you Blu.

Sam said...

Hi Blu, my dad forgot to leave a note about Blackie. He's learning too. We're sorry to learn about Blackie. She looks very beautiful and well cared for. Your family obviously loved her a great deal. I bet that Blackie misses everyone at your house too.

Team Beaglebratz said...

We Beaglebratz think upi r lookin'mighty fine with your new wheelz AND just purty spiffy in your new coat tu! You haf a good week tu.
Shiloh'n Shasta

Rama's Mama said...

What wonderful new coats! Everyone looks so sharp!


You look pawsome in your new coat.

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