Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Merry Month of May

Hi Everyone!!!
Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while but me mom has been tooo busy working long hours to help me type out a new post.  But, she finally took some time off from work to do somethings including extra cuddling time with me and the other pups.  It has been so nice the past 4 mornings having her spend more time cuddling with us.  Yesterday we even let her sleep until 5:30am, boy was she happy!!!!  But, today we got her up at 4:30am we didn't want to spoil her tooo much.  LOL  She didn't mind, she just drank lots of coffee.
It is hard to believe that it is the end of May.  I turned 6 years old this month on May 11th.  We had a quiet celebration and it was nice.  Considering what has happened to me this year, I am just happy to be alive.  I still have no feelings in me back legs and the vets are not sure if I ever will.  Only time will tell if I will ever walk again.  But, I love my cart and being with my brother and sisters.  I am getting stronger and almost beat me human brother Chris to the kitchen one day for treats.  It made me mom and Chris laugh!!!  Me mom also setup a small pad for me so that I can be with her when she is on the computer.  We both like that.  I usually have one of my sisters with me also.  Well me paws are getting tired so it is time for some pictures.  I hope you like them.

For me birthday, me mom had to embarrass me by finding puppy pictures of me.  Thanks MOM!!!!!  Here they are:
                       This picture was taken on the first day when I came to my forever home!!!

                                 Learning to walk on a wooden floor was really hard!!!  LOL

                                Me and Freckles taking our first nap with our toys in our forever home.

                                                              I love sleeping on me back!!
                                         Thanks mom for waking me up with the flash going off in me face!!!  LOL

One day a really special surprise came for me in the mail.  A birthday gift from Addie, Lucie and Hailey.
 It made me really really happy!!!!  They are great friends.   The treats were great also.   Yum, Yum, Yum

                                           So nicely gift wrapped I almost didn't open them up!!!

                                                   Yum pretzel treats and they are mine all mine!!

                                           Opening up the bag all by me self.  But,  I saved the tag.
                                          Dipstick and I wanting to open up another gift.  Yes, I did share them with me brothers and sisters. Me mom made me, and I didn't mind because they are me brothers and sisters and I love them lots.  Thanks again Addie, Lucie and Hailey for the great gifts.  :-)
Since Dipstick couldn't have more of me treats he decided to find his own... Mom caught him in the act:
                                                    I know there is food in here someplace!!
                                                             This picture says it all!!!!

                Here's a picture of me and Midget laying next to me mom when she is on the computer.  I love being next to me mom no matter where she is.
                                                                   Life is good!!!
                                                                  I love you all!!!!!

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day on Monday!  Please take a moment to remember our soldiers for the sacrifices they have made to keep us free.  Especially the soldiers who gave their lives.  God Bless them and the United States of America!



Betty Roan said...

Blu, You shouldn't be embarrassed by your puppy pics. You were and still are the cutest! Happy Birthday!

Lovable Lily said...

It's so good to hear from you again as we sure did miss you. Glad to hear that things are going well with one and all. Happy belated birthday. The new pic's are wonderful!!

Lily Belle


Blu looks so happy.

Essex & Sherman

Sam said...

Hi Blu, it was really nice speaking with you mom yesterday. Yup, you're a cute one. I can understand why your mom scooped you up right away. We hope that you had a great birthday with the other kids. We have our paws crossed for you that everything will be fine.

Lovable Lily said...

You doing OK my furend? It's been so long since we've heard from you and your pack.

Lily Belle

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